Basically. I also have a lot to say about change that won’t fit neatly in the comments sections of facebook or instagram- so there’s that.

so expect to see this space change constantly as I explore blogging and getting after these goals:

  1. stay connected to my network near and far

  2. reflect on service leadership and social impact through my volunteer activity

  3. navigate an entrepreneurial career and lifestyle

  4. promote wellness & self-care for all

  5. share and find inspiration everywhere for a new brand that I’ve been cooking.

I’ve had so many awesome experiences and it’s still in full effect, i’m learning so much and hope to continue to make impact in my community. Here i’ll unpack and share insights from the road that will help unlock “more life”.-drake voice-.

Lastly, I also want to live out my values of vulnerability, creativity, authenticity and fun just to name a few, which can be quite interesting when you aim to be a changemaker so here’s to new hobbies, businesses and connections!