Basically, I’m a Unicorn.

I’m starting this blog as a hobby and a way to tell my story as I share all of the fascinating insights (well they seem fascinating to me) from the amazing experiences Iv’e been able to have both personally and professionally.

Fueled by #blackgirlmagic and the love & support of family and community, I’ve overcome barriers and had amazing opportunities while getting my undergraduate and graduate degrees in management and entrepreneurship from top institutions around the world.

I’ve lived in communities up and down the east coast, working with dedicated people in business and education that want to make a positive impact in the world. This is exhilarating, complicated and exhausting all in one, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I have a deep, passion for re-defining how we live, work and play with diversity & inclusion. i sit at the interesting intersection of industry and education talking, coaching, writing and teaching about human centered approaches and design thinking and how it can help myself and others make that positive impact.

Other Fun Facts:

  • I’m an INTP and fascinated by it

  • My nail art must be extra and everything should be fash-un

  • I’m the ultimate spotify DJ

  • I’m a Beginner Yogi

Check back as this page will definitely change as I explore how to use this thing!